“Staff Favorite” Senior Dog Goes From Shelter Kill List To Loving Forever Home

The Second Chance Movement funds the transport of dogs from high-kill shelters and into less crowded facilities where there is a higher demand for adoption. This simple solution has the potential to save hundreds of thousands of homeless pets – but it can be expensive. Certain products from the iHeartDogs store help fund these life-saving trips, and thanks to you, stories like the one below are made possible! 

The stress, expense, time, and commitment to make these transports happen month after month, are paid tenfold with updates like Rocco’s.

Image Source: Second Chance Movement


9-year-old Rocco had a rough life. He then spent two months at the high-kill Lancaster shelter and became a staff favorite. (They don’t usually keep dogs alive that long.) His time was running out, but Hands, Paws & Hearts rescued him and sent him on START‘s November transport to the great people at Pound To Posh in Portland, Oregon.  

Image Source: Second Chance Movement


ROCCO arrived on a Friday and was adopted two days later on Sunday! He is now VERY loved! 

Purchases that support the Second Chance Movement help give dogs like Rocco the second chance they deserve!

Second Chance Movement™ Matte Black Key Bracelet, $28. This product provides 4 miles of transport. 

Image Source: iHeartDogs 

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