Sweet Chained Pit Bull Saved From Horrific Life In Basement

People expect to find issues when they buy a new home – broken plumbing, holes in walls, bad wiring, etc. But nobody expects a house they just bought to already have a resident.

A new homeowner in St. Louis was shocked when he opened the door to the basement of the house he just bought and saw two big brown eyes gazing up the stairs at back at him. Living in the basement of his new home was a Pit Bull, apparently abandoned and chained on the level below. He wasn’t certain how long the dog had been there, and immediately contacted Stray Rescue of St. Louis, who made their way over to free the dog and take her into their facility.

However long she had been chained, she was relieved to have some company! She greeted her rescuers with a wagging tail and was so eager to climb the stairs that she made it difficult to remove the chain she was left on.

After releasing her, the rescue team went into the basement to see where she had been living. They found that she had been left on a very short tether, surrounded by garbage and discarded clothing. It was later discovered that someone had been squatting in the empty home, and, at some point, abandoned many of their belongings – including the poor pup.

They drove the pup away from the miserable basement, and to their shelter, where she is now available to adopt! They named this happy girl Jumping Bean – you can see why for yourself in the video below!

Source: Dog Found Chained In A Basement Wants Nothing But Cuddles by StrayRescueSTL

This pretty girl has a lot of love to give – from her kissing snout to the tip of her wagging tail!

If you’re interested in giving Jumping Bean a happy home, you can visit Stray Rescue of St. Louis online and at Facebook!


Featured Photo: screenshot via Rumble

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