The Bellagio Is Celebrating The Year Of The Dog In A Big Way

February 16 marks the day of the Chinese New Year, and cultural celebrations are popping up all across the globe. Pet lovers are especially excited for this year’s festivities as 2018 is the Year of the Dog. The holiday is celebrated with bright colors, fireworks, and traditional dances, and the new display at a major Las Vegas landmark is honoring the year’s four-legged representative.

The Bellagio is a luxury resort and casino best known for world-class gambling, but step inside the Conservatory and Botanical Gardens and you’ll find a different kind of Las Vegas experience. The space is often used to showcase magnificently themed displays, and now visitors can immerse themselves in the Year of the Dog. There are currently 18 dogs situated throughout the area including a perfectly coiffed Poodle, a Border Collie, and a realistically fluffy Chow Chow. In the middle of it all, an 18-foot tall Husky—complete with mechanized tail wagging—dominates the room.

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The Bellagio Las Vegas has officially gone to the dogs.🐶 The Conservatory & Botanical Gardens unveiled its Chinese New Year display earlier this week, which is themed to fit the "Year of the Dog." READ MORE→

Posted by Las Vegas Review-Journal on Friday, January 12, 2018

There are Chinese lanterns, cherry blossom trees, a koi pond, a money tree, and breathtaking surprises down every path. Unlike an American new year, Chinese New Year is a celebration that lasts for two weeks. Each year is represented by one of the twelve animals in the Chinese zodiac. The last Year of the Dog was in 2006, and before that 1994. According to Chinese astrology, an individual’s personality traits can be determined based on the year they were born. People born in Dog years, for example, are known as being communicative, serious, and responsible in the workplace.

The Bellagio’s Chinese New Year display is open to the public from now until March 3. You don’t need to be a guest at the hotel to take a tour of the garden conservatory, and with so many detailed creations to look at, the visit will be well worth your time. Spend a minute strolling through the scene or take your time soaking it all in. And don’t forget to wish your own pup a very happy Chinese New Year.

Featured image screenshot via Facebook/Las Vegas Review-Journal

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