This Adorable Labrador Has Located 53 People, Including 12 From Recent Mexican Earthquake

Meet Frida, a Labrador Retriever in the Mexican Navy’s (SEMAR) Canine Unit.

Image source: @gobmx via twitter

So far in her career, she has rescued 53 people, including 12 survivors from the recent earthquake in Oaxaca.

“Frieda to the rescue! The dog that saves lives. She is a legend in SEMAR.”


She was recently recognized by the news show A Primera Hora…

“Frida, Labrador in the canine unit of the Navy, has 53 locations, of which 12 are people living in Oaxaca.”


…And the President of Mexico on Twitter.

“This is Frida, she belongs to SEMAR and has helped save 52 lives in different natural disasters nationally and internationally.”

She wears goggles to protect her eyes from smoke and debris.

“Frida, a four-legged heroine member of SEMAR. Love and care for animals as they deserve. Let us evolve.”


She also wears shoes to protect her feet.

“Frida is a canine element of SEMAR that helps in the rescue work and search after earthquakes.”


She’s much loved by the residents of Mexico.

“Excellent. Man’s best friend!!”

Here’s hoping she continues to enjoy her career rescuing humans!

(H/T: Buzzfeed)

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