This Dog Was Tossed Out Like Garbage, But Got A Second Chance With Your Help

Part of each sale through the iHeartDogs store is donated to Greater Good, which helps support various charities. Thanks to customers like you, happy endings, like the one below, are made possible. 

In September 2016 a citizen witnessed a small dog abandoned, discarded like trash on the street corner. What was described to the staff and volunteers at the rescue, is a woman pulled up to the corner with her car, got out of the car, took a blue basket out of the vehicle, laid it on the street corner and sped off as fast as she could.

The next thing that happened is a small dog leaped out of the basket and attempted to chase the car. The dog then returned to the basket. The witness tried to lure the dog to them, but the dog was incredibly skittish.

A staff member and three other volunteers from the rescue went to the location with food and other items to lure the dog to them. After working hard for two hours, they were successful! They immediately took the dog to the vet, and she was in bad shape.

Maya Lisa spent three weeks at the hospital, getting stronger and getting ready for adoption. Shortly after, she was adopted into a loving home and is living the life that she should have always lived!

All Life Is Valuable Rescue credits Rescue Bank’s support for helping save Maya Lisa, “Without the support of Rescue Bank, it would be very difficult to provide high-quality and nutritious pet food to the animals we save. I am forever grateful for the support of Rescue Bank, providing us with high-quality food to help our animals heal and be ready for a forever home!”

Rescue Bank, a part of Greater Good, donates healthy meals to dogs in rescues and shelters. Every time you make a purchase through the iHeartDogs store, you’re feeding a shelter dog, giving them a toy, or helping to pair a veteran with a shelter or service dog. Your purchases are making a difference in the lives of dogs all over the world.

Your purchases through the iHeartDogs store help shelters and rescues feed dogs in need, like Maya Lisa!

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