This European Beach & Bar Has Gone To The Dogs

If you think a day on the beach with your pooch is the best way to celebrate summer, Monty’s Dog Beach & Bar in Crikvenica, Croatia should be on your travel list!

The beach is perfect for both people and dogs, whether you prefer laying on the beach or swimming in the Adriatic Sea. You can rent 2 sunbeds and an umbrella for around $13 for the entire day.

The bar, which is shaped like a dog house, serves dog beer (made from chicken and vegetables) alongside regular beer and dog-friendly ice cream (made with yogurt, bananas, peanuts, and soy milk) alongside people-friendly ice cream.

Fresh water is available for dogs to drink and be hosed off with – the salt from the sea can irritate their skin if it isn’t rinsed off before it dries.

Monty’s Dog Beach & Bar Crikvenica is only open from the beginning of June until October, so you should hurry and make plans to visit this fall if you can or plan ahead for next year. Monty’s adds something new every year, so who knows what improvements will be made on this already amazing idea before next summer!

(H/T: PeopleMonty’s Dog Beach & Bar Crikvenica, Wandering Paws)

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