This Quiz Tells You Exactly What Type Of Shelter Dog You Should Adopt (And Matches You)

Here at iHeartDogs, we think there’s a dog out there for anyone who wants a companion. Maybe you’re a homebody who loves to hunker down. Maybe you’re more of an outdoor type who’s in search of an exercise buddy. Perhaps you’re somewhere in between. Whether you’re looking for a pooch that’s large, small, fluffy, short-haired, active, lazy, whatever, there’s a dog in a shelter who’d be perfect for you – you just have to find him or her.

Sometimes, pinpointing a pup who’s a great fit for your family is the hardest part. Rescuing is important to you, and you know that a dog is a lifetime commitment. So, you carefully consider all the attributes that you’re looking for: size, coat, gender, age, energy level, breed, and compatibility with other pets and children. It’s not that you’re being too picky, it’s that you understand the importance of your family and your new dog living in harmony together – forever.

But how do you know where to find the best canine candidates without searching dozens, even hundreds of shelters in and near your state?

That’s why we here at iHeartDogs made it our goal to simplify this process. The Pet Adoption Match quiz asks questions about your personality and preferences to pair you with shelter dogs in your area. Once the results are in, you can narrow them down by location, breed, size, age, and gender.

It’s like eHarmony for dogs: plug in some information and find the perfect pup for your family! And somewhere, in a shelter nearby, those dogs are waiting for their heroes to come and rescue them.

And in some ways, this is much better than your traditional dating site. You can be assured that the pooch will look just like they do in their profile pictures. Your match will never be a phony because dogs are the epitome of honesty. There won’t be any awkward “first date” conversations, and you’re just about guaranteed to find true love.

In a sense, picking a mutt is more serious than picking a mate, because the only ones doing the “breaking up” in these relationships are the humans. Once you commit to a canine, it should be for a lifetime; and in return, you’ll get more love and loyalty than you ever thought possible.

This Pet Adoption Match quiz will help you find the pup who’s right for your family while giving one more shelter dog a chance to live a full and happy life. Talk about a match made in Heaven!



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