Thousands Of Facebook Users Step Up To Help Dying Man Rehome His Dog

This summer Walter Hollier received the devastating news that he has terminal liver cancer. Given an estimated three to six months to live, he began making final arrangements.

The most heartbreaking of those tasks was finding new homes for his cherished dogs, Doc and Diego. Hollier knew that Doc would make a wonderful family pet, but was panic stricken about what might become of Diego.

On Friday, Hollier took to Facebook in search of a single kind-hearted soul. Instead, he found thousands.

His post was shared more than 80,000 times and garnered more than 15,000 comments from supporters, well wishers – and yes, offers to adopt Diego!

At the end of that whirlwind weekend, Hollier and Diego had found their solution.

The Last Resort Recovery Center near Smithville, Texas is a men’s drug and alcohol rehab center located on 51-acres of land with horse stables, barns, fish ponds, walking trails and plenty of rolling hills for the peppy 8-year-old to enjoy.

Hollier dropped Diego off at the center on Sunday, and while there are no pictures or video to protect the privacy of the patients, the loving dog dad says it was deeply emotional for him.

“I cried down the dirt road. It was like cutting a cord, you know he’s like my child,” he said.

Hollier expressed his gratitude to all the Facebook users around the world who shared his post, offered kind words, and helped make Diego’s rehoming possible.

“Thanks to all you wonderful people, I have found Diego a wonderful home,” he wrote. “I have received over 1300 responses and over 100 request for adoption. You folks are amazing, and have restored my faith in humanity.”



Featured Image via Walter Hollier

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