Tiny Dog Survives 6 Nights Missing In Alaska & Finally Returns Home

A happy family has been reunited with their missing Maltese after she spent six days lost in Anchorage, Alaska.

According to KTUU, Luna was out for a walk when she saw another dog on the trail and took off. Kennedy Webster and her boyfriend Laudon chased after Luna, but were unable to catch up to her. The couple spent over an hour retracing their steps, searching the area, and calling out for Luna, but were not able to find her. As the sun went down, they were forced to give up their search and go home.

Trill Schroder/Facebook


Luna’s family wasted no time asking friends and strangers alike to keep an eye out for their dog. Facebook posts were shared hundreds of times, ads were posted on Craigslist, and the family even printed posters to hang and set out food stations in the area. The community picked up the search with zeal, offering to comb the area where Luna was last seen. A local pet detective offered his services at no charge to the family in an effort to get the pup home.

Many people claimed to have spotted Luna near the trail, but she evaded every attempt to catch her.

Trill Schroder/Facebook


Still, the tiny pup somehow managed to survive six nights alone – not an easy feat, considering that the temperature regularly dips below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, and the area is home to dangerous wildlife.

Nearly a week after she ran off, Kennedy’s mother, Trill Schroder, got a call from an old acquaintance about the pup. She posted in a Facebook group for missing pets in Anchorage:

“Coincidentally, it was a friend from high school days and someone I had run into earlier in the week while I was putting up signs. We hadn’t really seen each other in 30 years! Jen said, ‘Trill, I don’t want anyone to get too excited in case it’s not Luna, but I think I found her.’ I said, ‘Where is she?’ She said, ‘I have her in my kitchen.’”

Jen was out in her yard with her own dogs when she spotted Luna nearby. She laid on the ground and offered her hand, and was able to lure Luna into her home. Once she had the dog safe inside, she made the phone call to Luna’s family. On March 26th, they were finally reunited!

It was a rough six days, but Luna is finally home safe and sound! A veterinarian confirmed that she had spent the whole six days outdoors, but was in very good shape, considering her ordeal! Luna’s family is forever grateful to the people who helped bring her home, and are eager to make up for lost time.

H/T: KTUU.com
Featured Photo: Trill Schroder/Facebook


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