Twitter Users Help Find Lost Dog’s Owner During Hurricane Harvey

Storm chaser, Aaron Jayjack got more than just a fill-up when he stopped at a gas station in Runge, Texas Saturday. A soaking wet pooch began following him, eventually seeking refuge from Hurricane Harvey on the back seat of Jayjack’s Jeep! A loving dog dad himself, Jayjack posted a plea to Twitter asking viewers to reshare the dog’s image across social media in the hopes of locating his owner.

Jayjack was on his way to Austin to pick up his own dogs at his veterinarian’s office when he spotted the lost pup. He nicknamed the stowaway “Harvey” in honor of the epic storm and asked veterinary staff to check him for a microchip.

“Harvey” did not have a chip, but what he did have was more than 15,000 Twitter fans! They reshared Jayjack’s video across the Twitterverse and their efforts paid off! The dog, whose real name is “Cash,” was reunited with his grateful owner that same day.

Cash expressed his appreciation for his rescuer with grateful pup kisses on their return trip to Runge!

Saturday, August 26th – the day of Cash’s rescue – marked the 13th annual celebration of National Dog Day, a holiday founded to honor man’s best friend and encourage people to adopt pets in need.


H/T to Southern Living

Featured Images via Twitter/Aaron Jayjack

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