Veteran Is Elated When Stolen Service Dog Is Returned To Him

Levi Roybal is a Navy veteran who lives in Aurora, Colorado who’s spent time overseas. Since that experience, he’s struggled with PTSD, depression, and anxiety, issues that have been greatly reduced thanks to his service dog, Astro.

Roybal and the Shiba Inu have become inseparable in the 6 years they’ve been together, and the pup accompanied his human to a restaurant called the Hibachi Grill this past Sunday.

Since the temperature was mild, Roybal decided to leave his companion tied up outside in order to enjoy the weather, and unfortunately, that proved to be a critical mistake. Shortly after, a stranger approached, took the pup by the leash, and walked off with him.

Roybal was understandably devastated without his pal by his side, but 24 hours later, a miracle happened: Astro was returned to the Hibachi Grill, the restaurant where he was taken from!

The stranger’s reasoning for taking the dog? He thought he was cold.

Roybal is not pressing charges, since he’s just happy to have his pooch back. It seems that he also learned a hard lesson about keeping a closer eye on Astro, telling KDVR:

“This dog is my life. He’s my soul…I’m never letting him out of my sight now.”

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