Website Helps Families Find Temporary Fosters For Pets In Hurricane Affected Areas

2017 has brought a very busy hurricane season. The Gulf Coast is still recovering from the impact of Hurricane Harvey, and Florida is bracing itself for an even stronger hurricane that is already leaving a path of extreme destruction through the Eastern Caribbean.

During this time, thousands of homes have been damaged or lost entirely, and the animal shelters in the affected areas have been overwhelmed by both the storms and the influx of pets that are suddenly homeless. The dogs that were already in the shelters when the storm hit have been moved to shelters all over the country to make room for the dogs who don’t have homes to go to just now, or have been lost in the chaos.

After seeing the affect disasters like Hurricane Harvey have on pets, the people at have introduced an ingenious tool to help pet owners in vulnerable areas. allows pet owners whose homes are in areas that are at risk find a temporary foster for a pet. Moving your pet to a temporary home in an unaffected or less-affected area reduces the chance that your pet could be injured or lost forever. If you are unable to return to your home for some time, or are evacuating, a foster can keep your pet until you can get things back to normal. comes just in time for people in the U.S. preparing for Hurricane Irma. It’s peer-to-peer, which allows families to find temporary homes they believe will be a good fit for their pet. Those willing to foster a pet in need can learn about the pet in advance- whether they can be in a home with other dogs, cats, or children and how long a foster may be needed. You can give a worried family peace of mind knowing that not only are their pets safe from the storm, but safe in a place where they can be comfortable.

There are currently pets who are in the areas not yet recovered from Hurricane Harvey, and pets in the area expecting damage from Hurricane Irma. If your home might be at risk and think this could be a good option for your family, sign up as soon as you can to get a foster suitable for your pet’s needs.

Hurricane season isn’t over yet, and with so many storms brewing out there, it’s great to have options. Whether you evacuate or stay put, your pet is a member of your family and deserves to be safe as well.

Check out to foster or have your pet fostered. Also see our article on disaster preparedness to make sure your pet is ready for whatever comes your way.

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