Why Dogs Prefer This Bizarrely Shaped Toy Over a Tennis Ball

For ages it seems the tennis ball has been crowned as the favorite toy of dogs. Many dogs are very adept at shredding them, which causes many owners to joke about their dog having a “3 balls a day tennis ball habit.” 😀

While tennis balls are understandably fun due to their bouncy nature and irresistible fuzzy surface, many veterinarians have written about the dangers of the toys causing throat or intestinal obstructions, and the possibility of the fuzzy surface grinding down the teeth.

While every owner needs to decide for themselves on the risks, we think we might have found something to possibly break your dog’s tennis ball habit.

Enter the PAWtomic Ball, a strangely irregularly dense rubber ball that resembles an atom.

Like a tennis ball, it features great bouncing action. But unlike a tennis ball, it’s bouncing is erratic and unpredictable in a way that drives dogs crazy! (in a good way)

Take a quick look at how it moves in this video clip:

And while no dog toy in indestructible, the hard, 100% natural rubber surface is significantly more durable than the old green classic.

However, the coolest feature of the PAWtomic ball might just be what happens after you purchase it. As part of the Project Play toy line, each purchase you make of a toy for your dog provides a toy dog in a shelter waiting for their forever home.

Research has shown that dogs who are perceived to be playful are significantly more adoptable and find homes much quicker. However, animal shelters are often under-resourced, and do not have adequate funds to purchase toys for their dogs, as they have to focus on food and medical needs.

The vision of Project Play is to change this picture by getting more toys into shelters across the nation. To date, over 30,000 toy donations have been funded!

Learn More about the PAWtomic™ Ball and Project Play

Featured Image Photo Credit:  Evelyn Lou





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