Woman Swears Image From The Solar Eclipse Matches Her Dog

We all think our dogs are heavenly, but one family in New Jersey now has proof that their dog actually is!

An eclipse like last Monday’s solar event hasn’t happened since 1918, so it’s no wonder that people were so excited to experience it! People fought clouds and rain to take pictures to memorialize the moment, and photos took over social media as people from all around the country shared the snapshots they captured from their unique viewpoints.

One man near Mount Holly, NJ managed to take a photo unlike the rest. Stephen Wilkins snapped a picture of the eclipse peeking through the clouds that at first glance, seems like just a very pretty picture. But as soon as his co-worker, Mark Magariello laid eyes on it he recognized the face in the clouds! Check out the video below from nj.com to take a look – do you see it?

Mark’s reaction: “Oh, my god, it looks just like my dog Cody.”

Cody is Mark and Nina Magariello’s 2 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Once you see his photo next to the photo of the eclipse, his face is unmissable!

The world becomes a much more magical place when you know that the sky not only gives us really cool solar events, but they come dog-shaped too!

H/T: NJ.com

Featured Image: Screenshot via YouTube

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