Woman Unknowingly Adopts Her Childhood Dog 7 Years After They Were Separated

Sometimes two souls are irrevocably linked. Even when torn apart, they find their way back to one another. Such is the case of Nicole Grimes and her beloved dog, Chloe.

After seven years apart, a twist of fate reunited them, and Grimes has no intention of letting sweet Chloe slip through her fingers a second time!

Image Credit: Nicole Grimes


In 2007, Nicole was 10-years-old. Like all kids her age, she wanted a puppy. One day, her grandmother surprised her with a beautiful Pomeranian/Poodle mix. It was love at first sight.

“She was wearing a pink bow when Nana gave her to me,” Nicole told the BBC. “We were best friends.”

Image Credit: Nicole Grimes


Several years later, when Nicole was 14, her father took a job in customer service. He worked from home and Chloe’s barking habit became an issue. The family came to the heartwrenching decision that she would have to be rehomed.

“I remember my dad picked me up from school when I was 14 with the dog in the back seat. I knew we had to give her away.”

Image Credit: Nicole Grimes


Chloe was brought to a local shelter. Although Nicole understood her parents’ difficult decision, she thought of Chloe often over the next 7 years.

 “I always remembered her birthday,” she said. “Oct. 26.”

Image Credit: Nicole Grimes


Nicole is now 21, married, and the mother of a beautiful 4-month-old girl named Violet. They live in Brownsville, Pennsylvania, about 30 minutes from where she grew up.

Recently her thoughts turned to adopting a dog for her own child to grow up with, but she decided to wait until Violet turned one. That is, until she came across a remarkable Facebook post.

Image Credit: Nicole Grimes


An online acquaintance was trying to rehome a small, gray senior dog – one that bore a striking resemblance to Nicole’s childhood dog – and also happened to be named Chloe.

“It just reminded me of my old dog. So I decided to take her in,” Nicole said. “When I found out they were both called Chloe it was really strange.”

Image Credit: Nicole Grimes


Nicole said that hearing the dog’s name made it “click” for her. The sweet pup’s behavior confirmed it – this was her childhood dog!

“When she was dropped off she came running up to me and was licking my face. Then I knew in my heart that she had to be the same dog.”

Image Credit: Nicole Grimes


However, her husband was a bit more skeptical. After all, there are plenty of dogs named Chloe. So the couple brought her to the vet to have her microchip scanned. Nicole’s instincts were correct! Chloe was indeed the pup that stole her heart 11 years ago!

“I felt like I won the lottery,” she said. “I never thought I’d see her again.”

Image Credit: Nicole Grimes


Nicole also discovered that Chloe’s life without her had been a happy one. She was adopted by an elderly couple who adored her, and then taken in by a neighbor – Nicole’s Facebook friend – when they passed away.

“She had truly a great life. A very loved dog.”

Image Credit: Nicole Grimes


Chloe is a senior now, but much the same as Nicole remembers her. She still loves to run, play and give kisses. She also adores little Violet!

Image Credit: Nicole Grimes


Nicole is looking forward to several more years of love and joy with the dog that was clearly destined to be hers!


H/T to BBC and TODAY

Special Thanks to Nicole Grimes for providing all of the gorgeous photos!


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